Silvano Abreu

Soils and Crop Nutrition

Field Applied Scientific Knowledge


Dr. Silvano Abreu has an array of experience involving soil fertility, crop nutrition, plant nutrient uptake, soil and plant nutrient interactions, nutrient role in plants, soil management to increase yields, and also fertilizers.

International Career

As consultant and speaker, Dr. Abreu has influenced producers, researchers, crop consultants in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, México, and the USA.

For over 5 years he was a senior agronomist at The Mosaic Company, the world's largest producer of potassium and concentrated phosphate.


He worked as a professor at the ULBRA (Lutheran University of Brazil).

In the United States he was a professor in the field of Soil Science at Cameron Univesity and an assistant researcher at Oklahoma State University.


  • Luiz Eduardo Salgado
    Silvano Abreu is an honest and ethical researcher and professional, with unique technical knowledge in crop nutrition and fertilizers. He also has superior interpersonal skills. Always available to contribute to others with his expertise in agriculture and soil management based on solid knowledge and research data.
    Luiz Eduardo Salgado
    Senior Agronomis and Consultant
  • Luis Alberto Lopreto Duran
    "I met Silvano in a Conference where he was one of the invited speakers discussing his experience in soils and crop nutrition, soil fertilization, and soil management. I had just what I needed for my faming system located in two different zones of Colombia: one located in the Valle del Cauca and other in the Llanos, at the Departamento Meta. The latter had acid soils with high concentration of exchangeable aluminum, high rainfall, and low fertility where I plant soybeans and corn for the last 10 years. With only fair yields with no yield increase, with a costly operation, high risks and unprofitable. I invited Dr. Abreu to Colombia and we started his management strategies in a test field of 281 acres. His recommendations, absed on soil tests, at first looked unreal to me. The first plan was to adjust the fertilizer program to yield potential and correct soil acidity. Soybean yield that were between 37 and 38.7 bu/ac, in the first crop season then increased to 44.7 to 46 bu/ac. It was a very remarkable yield change. We were also able to amortize 85% of the liming costs with adjustments in the fertilizer program. The following crop was corn, and the yield obtained under Silvano´s management was between 16 and 21 bu/ac higher tan the conventional management. Today we have a soil pH correction and fertilizer workplan in the whole farm. With the help of different tools such as Veris (measures electro conductivity), soil tests, and the expertise of Dr. Abreu, we have a promising future thanks to his advice".
    Luis Alberto Lopreto Duran
    Farmer and Commercial Manager of Agroinsumos AS
  • Dr Romulo Lollato, professor assistente na Kansas State University
    “I had the honor to closely follow Silvano´s work in two moments: the first was when I was in an internship for my undergrad course, and then when I started my master´s classes. Both interactions occurred at Oklahoma State University, during Silvano´s PhD course. As somebody still starting my career, I always saw Silvano as a excellent professional and personal example. Professionally, I vouch for his perseverance, ethics, and hard work. He earned his academic career in diverse institutions and went through some really difficult times where most people would´ve given up. But instead of giving up, Silvano persevered, doing extraordinary research and graduated with honor, leaving research that made real impact for growers. On the personal side, Silvano is a real “positive attitude” example. He always impressed me, and I try to follow his example, the fact that Silvano has gone through so many challenges, overcome them, and keeps his positive attitude in the most difficult moments is amazing. Silvano had a positive impact on my growth professionally, but above all else, his constant positive attitude is the biggest inspiration for me".
    Romulo Piza Lollato, Ph.D.
    Kansas State University